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Intranasal PRP Cocktail Kit (Provided by College Pharmacy)

  • 1- 5 cc vial D50
  • 1- 2 cc vial Ascorbate
  • 1- 2 cc vial NAD+
  • 1- 2 cc vial Magnesium chloride
  • 1- 2 cc vial Glutathione
  • 1- 1 cc vial B12

Note: This Intranasal PRP cocktail kit must be ordered in bulk directly from College Pharmacy by facsimile. Minimum orders are 10 kits at one time. Solutions in kit are preservative-free but will last if refrigerated appropriately for about 5 months before expiration. Each kit provides enough solutions for 3 intranasal PRP cocktail treatments.

Please use this document for patient scripts for Intranasal PRP Cocktail Kits and Fax to College Pharmacy.