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Dr. Hughes and his associates and staff are the best. We were able to coordinate over the phone our son’s treatment plan. Dr. Hughes took his time to answer questions and give his informed opinion. Our son had the PRP procedure as well as the stem cell procedure by Dr. Hughes. He had a week of HBOT and a several cranial massages. We have noticed our son’s speech is clear and he is relaxed more than usual. Cutting edge technology and treatment. Kudos to these doctors who believe medicine is not always the answer. Thank you so much for your help and understanding. We seem to have to seek out treatments ourselves and I am very glad God lead us to Dr. Hughes and TBI therapy.*

Beaumont, Texas

I am *super happy* to report that 3 1/2 months after visiting Dr. Hughes for treatment, my life has radically changed. It really proved to be everything I’d hoped it would be.*

Dr. Hughes is amazing, his care and understanding of my sons TBI recovery is remarkable. Dr. Hughes’ innovations in his treatment protocols will be life changing for my son. I am eternally grateful to him. Tanya took great care in scheduling his appointments, her kindness will stay with me always. Thank you.*

Anderson, California

Just left Dr Hughes this past Sat. after spending three days there with my oldest son. We are a medical family from California and only wanted to find the best treatment for him after suffering a severe brain injury in a motor vehicle accident. The staff is so helpful from arranging the first phone consult with Dr Hughes to helping us coordinate our stay. Dr Hughes clearly has the passion and knowledge when it comes to stem cell therapy. He and his wonderful PA were able to keep my son feeling less anxious during every procedure. We feel so blessed to have found this beautiful healing clinic in Colorado. Would highly recommend anybody that has a loved one suffering and wants to seek treatment to put their faith in Dr Hughes. I’m so glad we did.* El Dorado Hills, California

My mind is more clear than it has been in years… I am much closer to the vitality and clarity that I used to feel in my mind every day.* Boulder, Colorado

After doing the TBI Therapy protocol, I now have the following improvements:*
–Better ability to focus
–Improved eyesight
–More mental stamina
–Better mental clarity (more clear-headed)
–Less emotional stress
–Increased ability to prioritize

I recorded a 37% increase in my Lumosity score, I cry less, and I can time my thoughts more accurately.* Denver, Colorado

I was so hypersensitive to light and sound that I had to wear ear plugs, headphones, sunglasses, giant sun hat, and a scarf just to attend the appointment. I could not drive, I lived in darkness, and struggled emotionally. Dr. Hughes’ demeanor was filled with humor, hope, and confidence. Since hope had pretty much gone out the window, it was refreshing to learn about new therapies. After the PRP treatment, it was like a stream of information had been let loose like a dam that had busted. I saw clips of memories such as faces, numbers, and letters. I felt for the first time in a year that I had some clarity. I was excited and able to read more than 2-3 sentences without triggering a migraine. I found that I was able to get back on the computer and learn more about my trauma and recent treatments. Within the following days it was like an awakening. I could turn on lights for a few minutes and keep the TV on. It seemed like a light switch was turned back on inside my head. The ability to think and plan returned.*

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Boulder, Colorado

Patient’s caregiver reports: He is walking more and his legs aren’t causing him much pain. He learned to hold a straw in his mouth without help, and he can open his hand more fully.* Colorado Springs

Corey is doing good. He is still going to the gym three days a week to work out. He is also doing physical therapy and horse therapy three times a week working to strengthen his core. His spasticity seems to be improving and is more noticeable when he gets frustrated. He has not had any major attitude outburst and is starting the new year with a positive attitude determined to keep working hard and stay focused on improving.* Dallas

*Results may vary; no guarantee of specific results.
I have managed two weeks in a row of 4 work days (Major accomplishment), so it looks like the energy thing is kicking in. VERY happy. The increased energy seems to be permanent.* Denver, Colorado



For those who really know me know that I am a straight up and honest person and when I decide to write and share about my TBI it is 100% the truth.  Nothing is candy coated or exaggerated, it is my real life journey through this injury, the good, the bad, the ugly and the VICTORIES!  I am now officially 5 weeks post intranasal/IV stem cell and PRP treatment and the results for me have been are nothing short of MIRACULOUS!  Over these last 5 weeks I have thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of my brain and body, basically my entire central nervous system getting stronger and stronger every day!

A little background:

For the last almost 11 years I have struggled with some very big demons from my brain injury that included a very serious depression where far too often I didn’t want to be here anymore.  I have dealt with levels of PTSD on a handful of occasions that sent me down dark roads that I didn’t think I could ever come back from.  For the last 11 years, my body has been in a constant fight or flight  response, always ready to engage whether I needed it to or not. Day in and day out, year in and year out this has become a mentally exhausting existence for me that after all these years I started to lose hope it would ever truly get better. Over the years I’ve had good days and happy moments but nothing ever felt “normal”.  My brain NEVER felt normal, my body NEVER felt normal, I and I stress “I” NEVER  felt normal after my brain injury. I would tell a good friend of mine that “I just don’t feel like I am in my body anymore” and what bothered me the most is that despite ALL my efforts and the years of hard work I put into my recovery I still could NOT for the life of me figure out what it would take to feel “normal” again.

I am going to try to explain something, you see there is a big difference between having a “highly functioning” brain and having a “strong” brain (btw, in case you were wondering, it’s best to have both!)  My TBI was very severe but by the grace of God I came out highly functioning despite how bad the damage was.  I could still hold a job and be successful in my career, organize things, pay my bills, cook, plan my day, week or month, follow up on things that needed to be done, live independently etc. However despite being “highly functioning” my brain was NOT “strong”.  My brain no longer had same resilience it had before the injury.  My self-assured, confident self was gone, instead my brain was now plagued with insecurities, self-doubt and at times emotional turmoil, it changed aspects of my personality and I felt weak and disconnected in my body, mind and spirit.  Trust me when I say that losing who you are from a traumatic brain injury is absolutely devastating!  Over the years I learned how to coexist with my brain injury and the issues that came along with it but only a select few close to me could tell I was still struggling at times.

Until now…….

Popeye may have his spinach but I have stem cells and PRP!  I am still in the early stages but there is NO doubt that this treatment has given my brain and body the building blocks it needed to hit that next level of healing and regeneration.  I can feel less inflammation in my brain with more blood flow, my brain and body are now calm and are no longer in a “reactive” state. I feel I got a HUGE part of my life back and an even bigger part of ME back!  For the last 5 weeks I have not looked back once, only forward.  My self-confidence came back in full force like it was before my brain injury and my body, mind and spirt have been reunited once again. Yes, my brain is strong!

No longer do I feel my brain injury defines me, it is now something that happened to me.

To my brain injury……I will always stay humble and respectful to how powerful you are but I will no longer be your prisoner. After all these years, I FINALLY  figured you out and got back to feeling NORMAL!*

Boulder, Colorado