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Adjunctive Therapies


Self-administered acupressure is a form of complementary medicine to TBI. Learn how to self-administer through

Acupuncture with Heidi Stoeckl L.Ac.

189 Basalt Center Cir, Basalt, CO 81621
Recommended 1-2 sessions per week during treatment.
First 90-minute session = $120


The Alpha-Stim electrotherapy device is proven effective and safe for pain management and treatment of anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

At-Home Hyperbaric Chamber

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Patients will need script from a physician to purchase.

General recommendations: use 1.5 hrs daily at 1.3 atmospheres (full pressure)

Brainwave Training with Binaural Rhythms

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson has created binaural rhythms specifically for head trauma. Listen to at night before bed.

Cranial Osteopathy / Osteopathic Manual Therapy through Aspen Integrative Medicine with Dr. Hughes

227 Midland Ave, Suite 18B, Basalt, CO 81621
Recommended 1 to 2 sessions per week as needed during treatment.
$225 per 45-minute session

EEG Biofeedback (Neurofeedback)

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Exercise with Oxygen

EWOT Therapy through Longevity Resources
Learn more about EWOT: The Definitive Guide to Exercise with Oxygen
Or Live O2 at (recommended)

Float Tank through Fahrenheit Body Spa

241 Robinson St. Unit C-106, Basalt, CO 81621 / 970-315-1234
Recommended at least 1 session per week during treatment.
75 minutes = $65

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

Click here to learn more about LLLT.

Vielight Neuro Gamma $1,749 or any devices through
Use as directed


This powerful tool can help mitigate the stress response and even create beneficial neuroplasticity. Attention and emotional self-regulation can be common symptoms following a TBI, which can be improved through this process of mental training.

The Headspace app for IOS and Androids is a great place to start.

Musculoskeletal PRP Injections through Aspen Integrative Medicine

227 Midland Ave, Suite 18B, Basalt, CO 81621
Recommended for patients with neck, back, shoulder, knee, ankle, hip, elbow, or wrist injuries.
$700 when done same day of intranasal PRP infusion; $1400 when done separately.

Near-Infrared Light Therapy – The Head Cap Light System

Click here to learn more about The Head Cap

Use as directed

Vielight – Photobiomodulation

This treatment uses specific types of red and near-infrared light to try and fix different problems in the brain at once


Yoga is more than just stretching and awkward poses. The practice of yoga incorporates the use of breath, focus, balance, and muscle strength. As a therapy for both the mind and body, yoga can bring a new focus of what one can achieve, building optimism, confidence, and balance. By quieting the mind, stress and anxiety is reduced and the body can focus on building strength and flexibility.

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