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Scientists discover new cells produced in the area of the brain responsible for processing emotional memories

  • Researchers have discovered stem cells in the adult brain’s amygdala
  • This region has been shown to be associated with mental conditions like PTSD
  • Until now, it was thought that new cells were only produced in the hippocampus 

Researchers from the University of Queensland discovered the new brain cells in the amygdala.

Previous studies have shown that disrupted connections in this brain region are linked to anxiety conditions, such as PTSD.

Professor Pankaj Sah, who led the study, said: ‘While it was previously known that new neurons are produced in the adult brain, excitingly this is the first time that new cells have been discovered in the amygdala.

‘Our discovery has enormous implications for understanding the amygdala’s role in regulating fear and fearful memories.’

The amygdala plays a key role in fear learning – the process by which we associate a stimulus with a frightening event.

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