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Can concussion lead to TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)?30191620_s

The short answer: Yes.

The long answer:

“Mild TBI can result from any type of mechanical force impacting on the cranium. Mild TBI and concussion are interchangeable terms, wherein sports concussion is a subtype of mild TBI” (Levin & Diaz-Arrastia, 2015).

Much of the confusion relating to head injuries and their sequelae may relate to the variety of different terms used to define different grades of injuries in various different contexts, many of which are used interchangeably. TBI, mTBI, minor head injury and concussion all have been used in similar setting and no single definition is universally accepted (Reuben, Sampson, Harris, Williams & Yates, 2016).

According to the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, they define a concussion as “A traumatically induced transient disturbance of brain functions and involves a complex pathophysiological process” (West & Marion, 2014). According to the American Academy of Neurology, their definition of a concussion is “A clinical syndrome of biomechanically induced alteration of brain function, typically affecting memory and orientation, which may involved loss of consciousnesses”.

So, to answer the question, basically a concussion is a form of a mild traumatic brain injury.

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