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If you’re not careful, stress can overtake your life. We break down the how, what, and why of stress, and teach you how to manage it.

These days, who isn’t stressed out?

More the rule now than the exception, stress has become a commonplace occurrence in our daily life. It seems like everywhere you turn, doctors are tossing out phrases like stress management, stress-related illness, environmental stress, psychological stress – you get the point.

Stress has become a somewhat nebulous, umbrella term for all the indefinable ills that ail us, that make our heads ache, our hearts pound and unsettles our stomachs.

It makes us panic at work and snap at our family members. Sometimes, it serves as a motivation for finishing that project we’ve been procrastinating on or asking out that study buddy we’ve been too shy to approach. But mostly, it gets a bad rap. Nobody likes stress.

But in order to effectively manage stress, we need to know what it truly is, what causes it, and the impact of stress on the body. If we don’t lay this foundation, we won’t be able to address the core issues that cause stress.

Read A Guide To Understanding And Eliminating Stress From Your Life and learn:

  1. What is stress and what triggers it
  2. How stress impacts the body
  3. What can be done to combat stress