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by David Foley Bsc, MA

Have you tried meditating but are stressed and struggling to make any progress?

Or are you tired of having to go somewhere and pay continuously to have someone coach you through it?

What if i told you there is a hack to make meditation easier by using a simple trick to help get the two hemispheres of your brain in sync?

And the best part – if you choose the right one – it’s safe to use and will NOT cause emotional turmoil or depression.

It’s true, and thousands of people have been using it successfully since the 1970’s!

I’ve used it and still use it with great success today.

But before we get into that, let me tell you a little bit more about me.

Hi my name is David Foley Bsc, MA. And I am a qualified therapist and expert in Meditation, Therapy and Brain Entrainment. I’ve spent years helping clients reap the benefits from modern technologies to improve their lives and overall wellbeing.

Like you, I didn’t always have it together.

From the time I was 20 years old through to my my early thirties I suffered through chronic and severe depression and anxiety. I wasn’t sleeping well due to the anxiety I was suffering, which resulted in me being completely exhausted the next day struggling to get out of bed. I became super depressed and just the thought of going to work would induce a panic attack.

I was desperate for a solution to my problem and tried literally EVERYTHING.

From traditional medicines like psychotherapy, counselling, massage therapy, self-help books and seminars; to more alternative therapies such as, traditional meditation, faith healers, spiritual energy healers, holistic therapies herbal remedies and even some questionable brain zapping technology!

You name it, I probably tried it.

Worse still… Nothing worked.

And then it got even worse – whatever hope I had quickly turned into frustration and disappointment.

I got to the point that I was heavily dependent on prescription drugs and spending 2 sessions a week with a psychiatrist to be able to function at all. I was living a life of misery and desperation, I was barely able to function being dosed up on that many drugs, and even with all that support and medication, the slightest change to my routine would quickly throw my whole life into a crazy emotional rollercoaster ride.

This was not the way to live. At least not the way I wanted to live.

During that time, I watched as a technology called neuro-feedback gained growing acceptance as a therapeutic method, and more recently I have seen it’s successful application in helping clients deal with their real emotional, spiritual and mental health needs.

However, it has one major downside, the COST!

Sessions would range from $90 to $200 each, with the standard treatment taking 20 to 40 sessions, you could be looking at over $8000. It’s unrealistic to expect clients (or their therapists) to deal with complicated EEG technology and high cost of treatment.

Until a simpler and cheaper technology is developed, it could be a long time before neurofeedback becomes a common and easily accessible treatment.

So my search continued. During this time I got in touch with a friend of mine, who was dealing with some of the same issues I was. It turned out that they had completely turned their life around.

I was curious, I just had to know what their secret was.

Here’s the secret to how I saved $2700, beat my anxiety and depression, and made meditation easier.