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In addition to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), Adult Stem Cells, and Human Plasma, having the proper nutrition in the body is crucial to rebuild the necessary pathways. There are many natural supplements that can provide these building blocks and boost results. Here are some of our favorites:


KTO-C8 100 by Designs for Health

1411749319742_brainoctane.600wBrain Octane can increase brain power, reduce brain fog, and give you more energy!1417809795268_collagen_protein_img1.600wThe collagen proteins help speed up recovery while repairing soft tissue.1417842858276_Aging_Formula.600wThe aging formula not only slows the aging process but it also detoxifies the brain while helping with memory.1431031010729_GLUTATHIONE-FRONT.1200wThis master antioxidant supports optimal cellular function and aids in absorption of liposomes.

105205_Vitality-smVitality works to promote vital energy, support mental clarity and focus, help manage stress, as well as assist with joint discomfort and flexibility!


Elk Antler includes anti-aging factors, immune system support and fortification, mood disorders, blood enrichment, fighting liver disease, bone and joint health including management of pain associated with arthritis, bone and muscle growth and development, sexual dysfunction and sexual enhancement in men and women, energy, as well as others.


This high dose vitamin D supplement supports heart, immune, muscle, and bone health.kd500

Vitamins K and D for support of healthy bones and a healthy cardiovascular system. And it provides great nutritional support for oncology patients!

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