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TBI Therapy a subsidiary of Aspen Integrative Medicine, is positioning itself to become a leader in the concussion and brain injury therapy industry. With the advent of a greater awareness of the severity of concussions and the activities that are prone to causing brain trauma, more access to information and effective treatment is needed with TBI Therapy taking a lead role in fulfilling that need.

Basalt, CO — (SBWIRE) — 12/05/2016 — TBI Therapy, a subsidiary of Aspen Integrative Medicine, an established leader in concussion related healing therapies, has set the foundation to become a leader in the treatment of concussion related and traumatic brain injuries. They have developed a patented protocol, utilizing different treatment modalities, which provide more effective long-term results for brain healing. The protocol process ultimately creates conditions within the brain where it can begin its own self-repair process – thus producing more regenerative healing on a permanent basis, in a shorter period of time than the more common industry standards.

Dr. John Hughes, the TBI Therapy founder and managing partner, has created this specific protocol based on his work and experience in healing “difficult to heal” injuries. These are the type of injuries that inflict some level of discomfort on the injured usually for the rest of their lives. Through the work of Dr. Hughes, they have hope to finally get relief from this discomfort. Since concussions and other traumatic brain injuries have similarities in both their long-term effects and their healing rates as these other hard to heal injuries, moving into the brain injury arena of healing therapy was a just natural progression for him.

“Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries have more of an effect in our lives most of us realize,” said Dr. Hughes. “The problem is many of the symptoms aren’t normally associated with the concussion or brain injury as being the cause, so people live for years in ‘silent suffering’ with no apparent cure in sight. I’m excited that there is a growing awareness of this condition because now patients will have the awareness that something can be done about symptoms. The tests and evaluation processes that are currently available can uncover the effects of brain trauma so people will now be able to get the appropriate treatment that will actually reduce their symptoms. TBI Therapy will be a major resource for this knowledge and treatment methods of this condition.”

Their patented protocol is offered in two options each optimized for the kind of brain injury that is being treated. Patients would travel to their Basalt, CO office to receive the treatment once an evaluation of their injury has been performed.

About TBI Therapy
Newly founded in 2014, TBI Therapy, a part of Aspen Integrative Medicine, has helped their clients experience a better quality of life with improved brain function via specialized regenerative healing protocols. Their mission statement is “To leave no brain injury untreated.”