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Clinical Cases

Five patients between the ages of 36-47 suffering from TBI and post-concussive symptoms sustained injuries in a variety of scenarios from professional contact sports to injuries related to the detonation of improvised explosive devices and rocket propelled grenades. Each patient experienced symptoms of and was clinically diagnosed with TBI for an average of four years prior to treatment.

Chief Complaints

  • Post Concussive Migraines
  • Dissociative Panic Attacks
  • Acute Anxiety
  • Major Depression
  • Suicidal Ideation
  • Brain Fog
  • Significant Short Memory Loss
  • Post Concussive Dementia

Treatment Protocol

Patients underwent the following treatment protocol over the course of 75 days:

  • Intranasal Therapies:
  • Proprietary Autologous Plasma Cocktail and Naturally Occurring Adult Peripheral Autologous Blood Stem Cells (PBSCs)
  • Insulin, B12, NAD+ and Antioxidants
  • IV and Oral Nutrition:
  • Proprietary PRP cocktail and PBSCs
  • Ketamine, NAD, Myer’s nutrients
  • Ketogenic Diet
  • MCT Oil
  • Functional med nutritional supplements
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) – to enhance PRP growth factors and PBSC numbers
  • Cranial Osteopathic Manual Therapy


All patients responded immediately, reporting significant improvement in sleep quality, enhanced mood, and relief from persistent post-concussive migraines. At 30-days into treatments, all patients began reporting that their persistent brain fog subsided. All five patients reported gradual and sustained overall improvements in symptoms up to 4 months following treatments, with sustained effects up to 3 years after their initial treatments.

Pre-treatment scans revealed significant areas of reduced blood flow and lower voltage at the primary damaged sites (blue areas), which directly correlate to each patient’s neuropsychological symptoms. Post-treatment scans shows normal blood flow (with QSPECT imaging) as well as improved voltage by WAVI scan (see above image).


“It has been night and day. The brain fog, constant pain and inflammation have evaporated.”

“Nearly all of my symptoms have disappeared! I used to have 5-6 migraines per week , now I have been pain free for over two years!”

“After treatment I felt the spark come back into my life. I am now back to enjoying the things I love to do in life again.”